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Results: Beyond Good and Evil 2014

Results from Anarchy Championship Wrestling presents:
Beyond Good and Evil 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014
912 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701



Kyle Hawk defeated Tadasuke by pinfall.

Dressed to Kill (Donny Brookes & Dylan Dunbar)(c) defeated Scotty & Steve when Donny Brookes pinned Steve to win the titles.

Skitzo defeated Sky DeLacrimosa by pinfall.

AIW Women’s Championship Match:
“The Wrestling Goddess” Athena defeated (in order of elimination); KC Warfield (Paige Turner pinned KC) & Paige Turner (Athena pinned Paige).

Jack Jameson defeated KASH by submission.

Seph Anunnaki vs Johnny Axxle vs Mr. B vs Stan Summers ended in a draw when Axxle & Mr. B pinned each other.

ACW Tag Team Championship vs Moustache Match:
The Hole F’n Team (Johnny Axxle & Mr. B)(c) defeated Dressed to Kill (Donny Brookes & Dylan Dunbar) to win the titles.

Darin Childs, JoJo Bravo & Chris Trew defeated The Swarm (Wade Olson, Dick Money & VG Allin)(w/Colin McKraken) & Angel Blue when Childs pinned Olson and JoJo pinned Allin at the same time.

“The Texas Lion” Carson defeated “King of the Underground” Scot Summers by pinfall.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer.

ACW Young Guns U-30 Championship Match:
Steve O Reno(c) defeated (in order of elimination); Lil’ Tony (Ricky Romida pinned Tony), Ricky Romida (Dillon Devine pinned Romida) & Dillon Devine to win the title.

Ladder Match ACW Heavyweight Championship:
MASADA(c) defeated Jason Silver & “Unholy” Gregory James to retain the title.

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